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Mindivision: A Multitasking Game – Review

Mindivision is the perfect game to exercise your brain. You will constantly get confused as you need to do a lot of multitasking. I’ll be very surprised if you don’t, because you need to play six different mini games at the same time. Yes, that is what makes Mindvision really different from other type of games.

Mindivision challenges you to survive in six different panels. Each panel represents a different mini game to play. It starts with one game and then another game will come in and so on until you have six different games to play simultaneously. None of the games itself are hard, but it will soon get really challenging after the fourth game comes in.


This game will force you to do multitasking. You need to watch and control every character in each panels and ensure their safety. Thankfully, the controls for all of the mini games are simple. You only need to do simple taps or swipes and some phone tilting in order to survive in each game. The main objective of the game is to get the highest point. You will get bigger points as you survive longer in the games.

Overall, I really liked the visual of the game. It is very rich and colorful. Each of the mini game panels has a different theme and bright colors. One of the panels has an arctic feel to it while the five other panels offer different theme.  The animations are nicely made and fluid. With the decent music and sound effects, I gotta say that the looks of this game is quite beautiful. However, the characters are not that great.  They are just a bunch of random shapes with faces. It would have been great if we get to play characters that are more exciting and memorable.


That being said, is it worth your time to download Mindivision? Absolutely. This game is quite addictive to play and a great time killer. The learning curve in this game is quite steep which makes this game even more addicting. It is visually and mentally satisfying to play this game. Go try it and tell me what you think of this game!

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  1. I tried Mindivision and I got a good brain exercise. Kudos to the creator of this game because this is good training for multi-tasking. I will recommend this game to everyone I know since nowadays we have to learn how to multi-task in order to get everything done within 24 hours.

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