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Crashing Season: Fart in the faces of hunters – Review

crashing season

Have you ever dreamed of running around as a pig, using your farts to kill the hunters attempting to slaughter you while simultaneously headbutting large logs into other hunters? Neither have I, but Crashing Season allows you to do just that. Developed by Koukoi Games, Crashing Season is a 3D runner game …

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Eraser: Stationery has never been so terrifying – Review


Rarely is the threat of a deadline relished, however Eraser seeks to put the fun back into the horrible chase of the calendar in a charming puzzle platformer. Assist your character, a stressed designer, as he flees the dreaded red highlighter across a backdrop of his own unfinished blueprints. Your only weapon …

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Orbit: A Cyclic Crescendo – Review


Somewhere deep within the sparkling darkness of the cosmos, a miniature space ship circles endlessly around a brown voxel planet. Marooned in space with presumably malfunctioning circuitry, its only course of survival is to alter its travel speeds and avoid the incoming asteroids. Rory Pickering’s fresh approach to classic arcade games is …

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Heavy Rockets: Heavy on Value and Fun – Review

Heavy Rockets

There are few iOS games that truly stand out when it comes to evoking the halcyon days of vector-based arcade games while still being relevant to the modern gamer. Such projects often make up for their minimalist graphical style with smooth gameplay and an abundance of content; both challenging feats …

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Tap to Win: The Ultimate Arcade Minigames Collection – Review

tap to win

Tap to Win: The Ultimate Arcade Minigames Collection is one of those rare free-to-play games that provides all of its content up-front and ad-free, offering the option to watch one only to prolong a particularly impressive run. And with no unlockables or extra purchases to speak of, such runs are …

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