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Climberia: Pirates – Inertia Driven – Review

I really like when people are not afraid to create something new, especially when it is good. This game is no exception. Climberia: Pirates is a game driven heavily by inertia. For you who does not know, inertia is a tendency of something to remain still or moving unless acted upon an external force. So basically in this game, you need to generate inertia in order to move up and progress.

ClimberiaIn Climberia: Pirates, you play as a skeletal pirate climbing away from a gigantic evil octopus. In order to climb up, you need to generate inertia and swing yourself from one climbing hold to another. Left side of your screen is utilized to control the pirate’s left hand. Meanwhile, your right screen will control his right hand. You are free to do as you please on how to overcome the obstacles in the game. You can take the more conservative approach by swinging carefully into the climbing hold one by one. On the other hand, you can swing madly or do a 360 flip and see what happens.

I feel that the control is a bit awkward and clumsy. Sometimes the character does not do what I want it to do. It can get really frustrating but at the same time not game breaking. To be fair, it is probably because I’m simply not good enough in this game. But if you face the same problem, the developer created a very helpful tutorial video which you can find in their official website.

ClimberiaAt the first glance, you will notice the beautiful and consistent artwork of low poly. The setting of the game is beautiful as well. This game offers you four different beautiful themes to the game. This game offers 40 different levels to play. As you progress in the game, you will discover more challenging obstacles and new power ups. This is a very good way to keep the game fresh and fun. It gives us more objectives other than to pursue higher points.

I’d recommend this game to anyone with a smartphone. Other than the control difficulty I faced, everything else is great. Unique gameplay, hours of fun, and visually beautiful. These are what Climberia: Pirates will offer you.

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