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Tonguey: Next Level Rock, Paper, Scissors game – Review


‘Rock, paper, scissors’ is most of our first game that we learned. The noble game is an excellent pastime, an argument settler, and an infinite source of philosophical quests, such as ‘how exactly paper win against rocks?’, especially when intoxicated. The only downside of the game is that it requires …

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Ranger Up Armadillo: timed puzzle experience with RPG elements – Review

ranger up armadillo

Deep within the depths of one particular Amazonian jungle, a very serious problem has become apparent. Firstly, an evil worm and his army have invaded, and secondly, they are threatening to transform the beautiful biome into a grimy bog. To stop their wicked plan, Toby the teenage armadillo embarks on the perilous …

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The Raccoon Escape: It’s Gettin’ Hot in Here – Review

raccoon escape

When a lively samba kicks off this fiery little gem, you almost forget there’s a raccoon being suspended by rope over a rapidly rising pit of lava. Needless to say, Pocahontas would be mortified. It’s quite evident that developer Can Play has a crazy sense of humour – allegedly one …

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