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Cookie Dunk Dunk: a yummy match-3 – Review

After candy you might as well crush cookies! What we have here is a classic take on the match-3 genre. I can’t possibly have to explain the dynamic of this match-3 game type, do I? You need to switch up 2 adjacent pieces to make matches of 3 (or more); they get destroyed, scoring you big points.

An interesting variant that this application has, compared to millions of other clones of Bejeweled out there, is that each move you makes is followed by a sound effect of cookies being eaten, which is quite humoristic. I can appreciate the effort of putting a face and a perky personality on each cookie, but in exchange it’s making the game a bit clunky and hard to run, especially when the screen gets too busy with action.

Because after having play dozen of clones of the genre, one thing stood up about this one in particular: I feel the game is too easy. You make a move or two and a frenzy starts up on the board, combo after combo, yet you’re not entirely quite sure what you have done.


If you like these match-3 games, I think Cookie Dunk Dunk is a great candidate. But again, there is just too many in the genre at the moment so the games all end up looking alike, save for a few minor differences. Thankfully, this is were Cookie Dunk Dunk gets interesting; with the mini games. After you complete all the levels in the first cookie themed planet, you can have access to some mini games to switch up the pace of the game.

While the game is played in portrait mode, you have to change to the landscape orientation to access the store, which was somewhat annoying to me..

It’s still is a pretty, perky and colourful match-3 game. It’s just a bit too busy to run smoothly and ends up leaving a feeling of clunkyness.

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