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George Scared Of The Dark

George: Scared Of The Dark: Ghost Dash – Preview

We had the chance to preview George: Scared Of The Dark this week prior to its release on the AppStore. This game is a cute but difficult platformer with, at it’s core, a powerful theme of challenge overcoming and conquering fears.

Through 10 levels, George will be guided by a mysterious giant talking skull from which it will find hope and guidance to get through his adventures. So here’s the spoiler: you’re gonna die a lot. This shouldn’t scare you because the game is actually fun to play, albeit a bit on the frustrating side. When you die… well dying may not be the correct term since you are after all a ghost… you turn into… oh wait. Another ghost. Ghost-ception…

The tutorial is so long, but sadly necessarily to really learn to master the different types of jumps. Because simply tapping the screen doesn’t cut it anymore. You have to swipe, right to jump forward or left to do a super sick supernatural back flip. Up or down to slide quickly in either direction.

George Scared Of The Dark

I tried to get through the levels with tapping only and let me tell you, it doesn’t get that easy. Thankfully the controls are very responsive and you can only blame your own clumsiness if you totally miss a jump or a dash over the void.

The currency of the game is in the form skulls that you collect through your adventure. It kind of make sense to collect such grim items as currency, since you are, after all, in the afterlife. With the skulls you’ve collected, you will get to unlock additional characters.

The music is adorable, but really subdue in this game. I had to adjust the volume to close to the maximum to really hear it well.

George Scared Of The Dark

The art style is spookily cutesy, with it’s very dark kawaii approach. You’re almost not *that* terrified at the idea of jumping over eyeballs. The central theme is, once again, all about conquering our fears.

George: Scared Of The Dark feels very atmospheric, for we are temporarily immersed into the magic of this game’s world.

Watch this space for updates and to download the game as George: Scared of The Dark will be available on iOS by July 19th 2016 for US$1.99.

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  1. Nice interesting article, very good review about the game. It looks interesting, and the graphic design is nice i would like to give it a try. Thanks again for the review!

  2. Interesting looking game. I like the artstyle quite a lot, it’s simple but does the job. The music (at least in the trailer) is top notch aswell. Definitely going to give this one a shot when I can.
    Thanks for the nice review 🙂

  3. The game looks class, and it is far more interesting than expected. The graphics are not bad either and the music even makes the game more interesting to play. Great job guys.

  4. Game is really good, and i liked it. I did not expect it to be this interesting. Graphics are good, funny, and music really adds something to the game, it really makes it more interesting. I was not bored at all while playing this game. Great game!

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