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Pokémon Go Canada

Breaking News: Pokemon Go finally comes to Canada!

FINALLY! Pokemon Go in Canada
You’ve heard the frustrations from all the corners of the social websites, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and so much more. When will Niantics Labs latest game officially come to the cold North? (We’re in the middle of an heatwave in Toronto right now, thank you very much!)

Well, Nintendo most famous franchise is finally here!

Let’s grab our trusty iPhone and venture in the wild to catch those Pokémon! Click here to get Pokemon Go in Canada for your iPhone

Things you should know when you start playing Pokémon GO
Choose your screen name with care, you may be stuck with it forever! Furthermore it shows as a watermark when you take a picture, so let’s not be worldwide known as the Grand SmellyButtz Pokémon Master, shall we?

You will need to choose one of the 3 starters Pokémon Professor Willow offers you. Fans of the original release of Pokémon back in the 1990s will be quite happy as we get to choose between Charmander (Fire type), Bulbasaur (Plant Type) and Squirtle (Water Type).

Pokemon GO Canada

Furthermore, when you finally hit level 5, you can start using the Gym. It will start by a prompt asking you to join one of 3 teams; Instinct, Mystic or Valor.
At the moment, changing teams is not an option so make sure to coordinate with your friends if you all want to be on the same side. When you make your pick, you will be able to train at gyms controlled by your team. You can also try and seize control of gyms controlled by other teams! What is exciting is that if the gym is neutral when you reach it, you can become its leader!

Catching Pokémon in the Canadian wild
A wild Pokémon appears! The ring around the Pokémon will indicate how difficult it is to catch. Green is the easiest, then orange gets trickier, and red is almost a miracle. To maximize your chances of success, tap and hold the pokéball; you’ll see that the capture ring will start shrinking. Now try and time your throwing when the ring is at its smallest around the Pokémon. DO get as much practice as possible with the green ones, because you’ll need all the skills possible when you are faced with orange and red ones.

A new fad in Videogame Workout?
Let’s be honest, Pokemon Go isn’t going to be the most intense workout of your day. However a lot of people are sedentary creatures and they don’t even come close to hitting the suggested 10,000 step per day. Already, people on Reddit and Twitter are boasting that they are leaving their comfort zone and taking a stroll down their neighborhood for the first time in forever. Having a fun activity to do outside like Pokémon Go is slowly changing your routine and help you be more active, without you even realizing at first.

Be careful and safe while playing Pokémon GO out there!
Walking and texting, or any other activities done on your phone can be dangerous for yourself and for people around you. Be smart, be careful and safe: don’t walk and use your phone at the same time, be aware of your surroundings and don’t ever cross the street without putting your full attention to doing only that.

Have fun in your adventure, Pokémon Master!

Get Pokemon GO in Canada on the AppStore

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