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5 games in 5 minutes – 5th edition

Today we’re gonna explore some fun match-3 games for the iPhone. There are more to match-3 games than Candy Crush or Bejeweled out there!

For the uninitiated, a match-3 game is a type of puzzle video game where we manipulate tiles in order to make them disappear, usually when they are aligned in a minimum of 3.

Here’s 5 games that you can pick up and put down in 5 minutes, or continue playing for hours, when you have some time to kill.

Bear Winter Match-3 iPhone game
With it’s original matching mechanic, Bear Winter is far from being a typical match-3 clone. How many days can you stay alive in the wilderness, collecting acorns for food, and fire for survival? The bears will overpower you quickly… unless you fire an arrow at them. With a very interesting survival premise, this match-3 game with retro graphic is unique, well thought out and extremely captivating.

Chewy Train match-3 game for iPhone
Now Chewy Train is a bit more of a tradition match-3 game, but it still bring some uniqueness to the genre. You need to match chewy treats (not to call them candy!) to load up the boxcars and help keep the train running on schedule. You will need to get rid of thieving seagulls, stop runaway trains, collect treasure, and let’s not forget to recycle those candy wrappers! Before you start a level, you can select the train you wish to use. Each train has a different set of abilities. While it is possible to complete many of the levels using Chewy, selecting the right train will help you beat the level quicker and with more points.

Muertitos Match-3 game for iPhone
Muertitos is definitely an original puzzle game that uses the match-3 mechanic in a new way. The board is actually empty and you fill it with the pieces, trying to get them to make a match. The pieces are awaiting all around the board and you push them from the direction you want, trying to make a match of 3, or more. You will also have access to some power up to make the task just a tad easier. With it’s colourful, Day of the Dead inspired graphics, the game is a real joy for the eyes and the brain.

Puzzlemancer match-3 game iPhone
Match hexagons to cast spells at your enemies in this hexciting game of magical combat. Yeah, it’s pun-tastic, but Puzzlemancer is an interesting match-3 RPG type of game. You get to hexecute your enemies using a diverse arsenal of magic spells that you activate by matching hexagonal pieces of elemental spirits. The game is much more fun than it’s clunky looks may suggest at first glance, so you’d best give it a try now.

Sailor Moon Drops Match-3 game iphone
Finally an official Sailor Moon games for the iPhone! In Sailor Moon Drops, you will get to unlock the Sailor Guardians through your adventures in match-3 heaven. The graphics and colours of the game are absolutely enchanting and will delight all fan of the popular anime and manga. The voice acting is still in Japanese but it takes nothing away from the fun gameplay experience.

Which of those games did you end up trying? Do you have a favourite match-3 games that is less known? Share in the comment section!

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  5. Really it is one of the most attractive,enjoyable game site.I often download game from this website and play the game when i have a free time.I love this website and their nice presenting game.carry on….so i like it

  6. Wow really very much interesting and funny small collection. All of the games are very funny and small size. I played this games and I am very much pleasure. Above this five small games “Chewy Train” is most enjoyable to me. Thanks for this nice and small game collection.

  7. nice collection i didn’t play all these games but i think i agree with your choice but i like it better if you added other ones like candy crush and zombie vs plants i enjoyed these too games very much.

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