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Marble Drop – A colourful puzzler – review

Reminiscent of the PC title of the same name by Maxis, Marble Drop would have us navigate through various levels with the same premise, get all your ducks, or marbles in this case, in a row. This entails following the order of the colours of those marbles: the receiving bucket will be quite adamant on this part.

Various item will come help, or hinder, along the way, keeping this game challenging enough to utilize our gray matter. As mentioned previously, the original PC title happened to be a favourite of mine so I was pleasantly surprised to see it “ported”, or re imagined rather, for lack of a better term, on iOS.

This version is quite interesting, graphically. Having us play on a blackboard setting, with the game elements themselves represented by chalk drawings of colours. The game itself contains 60 levels divided into 3 packs, Carnival, Space, and Factory. The packs contain 20 levels each, needless to add that the difficulty is progressive.


While the game is free to download; some in-app purchase allows you purchase coins, in order to to unlock hints. Any purchase will also remove all ads, which is a nice touch. Another interesting point is that you don’t really get penalized if you screw up and don’t complete a level: so you get to try as often as you need to. Once you get the hang of a specific puzzle, you can certainly redo it, faster, to get 3 stars.

But what I love most about this game is how much of an incredible time-waster Marble Drop is. And I say this as a compliment! You can just get the minutes flying away while you’re in a queue waiting for the bus, or any other boring daily tasks that makes your brain slowly die out of boredom. There is always an healthy level of challenge with the various puzzles offered in this app and you’d be silly not to pick it up!

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