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princess quest

Princess Quest: vexing and puzzling clicker – Review

Princess Quest is another in a long line of clicker, games. This was my first and consequently my introduction to the genre. It was both vexing and puzzling on numerous levels and here’s the scoop.

A princess and her royal guard are traveling the world for treasure, glory, and good old monster slaying. Both heroes attack automatically, but technically the knight is the only character fully automated. The princess otherwise attacks every second or so but if you tap on the screen she’ll spam her lightning spell. So it’s up to the player if they want to engage, or not which is where my problems and bewilderment start to arise, but more on that later.

princess questThe game goes through stages, which starts at one and continues on seemingly forever. In each stage there are ten rounds and then a boss. Failing to defeat the head honcho retreats the duo back in order to level up until they are ready to try again at any time. Leveling up is not completed in a normal RPG fashion. Players can invest gold into either hero’s abilities, which in turn strengthens those stats and unlock new skills. The more gold spent, the stronger the party becomes, and thus the faster each stage can be completed. And as you’d expect from a free to play game real cash can buy gold, or several other items that will grant the party buffs.

princess questNow when I say defeat, I don’t mean they loose their entire HP because of a vicious monster attack. No. Monsters simply don’t fight back at all. The only adversary in Princess Quest is time. Underneath a boss’ health is a white meter, which indicates how long players have to defeat that creature. That’s it. There’s a sense of progression through upgrading sure, but why even bother? Without any sort of consequences, again other than time lost, what does it all mean?

Princess Quest is an interesting concept I’ll give it that and I don’t hate it necessarily. It’s more mind boggling frankly. I didn’t get a lot out of it other than experiencing the genre for the first time. As a budding game historian I found it fascinating, but altogether forgettable past this curiosity.

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Tristan is relatively new to writing reviews for iOS, but he's been in the game journalism biz since 2011. He keeps current with every platform, but he's also big on covering the lost gems of gaming's past. All in all he loves games!

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