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Shurican: Pure Ninja Action – Review

Become a fearless ninja in his adventures to reach the best goal of them all: not a sexy pixelated princess, but an ice cream cone, of course!

I guess I need to start this review with an heavy confession: I never bought into the Flappy Bird craze. At all.  By the time it was a phenomenon I heard about, it was removed from the App Store. So when a million and one games came out suddenly, all claiming to be “the next Flappy Bird”, I wasn’t thrilled.  Countless fly-by-night game developers asked me to review their game that was sure to make it as big as the popular application. It was so difficult to say “Thanks, but no thanks”.

That being said, some games decided to use the same quick tap mechanics and do something much different with it. And we get to Shurican. This little fun application from the talented Snout Up offers an interesting take on the genre and I was smitten.

screen480x480 (1)

If you think dodging motionless warp pipes was hard, wait until sawblades, angry demons, and spikes are thrown your way! I never said this was an easy game. Yet, unlike the infamous Flappy Bird, it’s not an exercise in frustration to play this one.

If I had to describe the game quickly to someone who never heard of it, I would highlight the fact that this is both a melee and ranged fighting/survival adventure. Our friendly ninja will have to defeat some demoniac beings by slashing them with his katana sword or throwing some precise shurikens their way.

As the demons are trying to annihilate you, dodge the axes they are throwing and defeat them with your… well not charm, but weapons.


As if this universe wasn’t scary and deadly enough, you also have to watch out for headcrabs! Worth nothing that an endless mode is also available for the hardcore players.

Fun game? Heck yeah! Free also! And with such discreet ads that you’ll forget they are there.

Are you tapping yet?

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  1. The graphics aren’t all that great in this game, but the game play is still pretty awesome.

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