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Hill Car Drag Racing: Hard Rock Hallelujah – Review

hill car drag racing

If giant toy trucks racing on dirt tracks with a grungy rock anthem in the background sounds like fun, Hill Car Drag Racing may be the pearl to your jam. It’s not quite Nitro Circus, but ASK Homework’s exhilarating racer comes with an infectious spirit and a sensational grindfest. Certain games don’t …

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Keep it Burning: an endless runner Olympic Style – Review

keep it burning endless runner

Keep it Burning is an endless runner wherein players are an Olympic like torchbearer. With a simple scroll of your thumb the goal is to avoid obstacles and oncoming thugs from diminishing your torch. Three flames represent health, which when hit, will deplete your life. Don’t fret, as there is …

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Drifty Dash: Drift And Dash Far Away From This One – Review

drifty dash

Drifty Dash is a hastily thrown-together game without any real polish or engaging gameplay mechanics to make up for its endless amount of faults. A clunky movement system, incredibly bland maps, and terrible AI make for a game that not only is uninspired in its ideas but fails to capitalize …

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Breaking News: Pokemon Go finally comes to Canada!

Pokémon Go Canada

FINALLY! Pokemon Go in Canada You’ve heard the frustrations from all the corners of the social websites, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and so much more. When will Niantics Labs latest game officially come to the cold North? (We’re in the middle of an heatwave in Toronto right now, thank you very …

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Alto’s Adventure: A snowboarding endless runner – Review

Alto's Adventure

This endless runner made by Snowman, from Toronto Canada, comes as a lack of good snowboarding game available for mobile. The developers felt, as snowboarders themselves, dissatisfied with the cartoony, badly controlled games available in the App Store. To quote them, what they really wanted was to “capture the true …

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