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Wrassling: Chaos All Over The Ring! – Review

It is not an understatement when I say Wrassling is a freakin’  hilarious game – especially when you are playing with friends. As a wrestler with only one leg and one arm, you strive to throw other wrestlers out of the ring. The control includes moving left, right, jump, and swinging your hand wildly. It is like a chaotic pixelated take on WWE’s Royal Rumble. Seriously, it will get chaotic real quick in this game.

I must say that the looks and the interface of this game seem to be really bland and standard. Don’t get me wrong though. Maybe it is the intention of the devs to keep it simple and give “retro” looks to the game. In that case, they have done a decent job. But still, the devs can improve on many things to make this game looked nicer. The music is what you will expect to be in a retro style game like this.

wrasslingI love the way the characters move and collide into each other while jumping around as if their bum were on fire. It is hilarious. The control is very simple yet able to produce such chaotic movement in the ring. Mid game you will see 4-6 one armed wrestlers swinging their arms in every direction and you won’t even know how the hell you are still on the ring.

There are several modes available in this game. Normal mode, 2 players mode (coop & vs. AI), boss mode and boss madness mode. In boss mode, your opponents will all be a boss character (sumo-size wrestler), whereas in boss madness mode, you play as a boss character fighting other boss character. These modes give us plenty of option on how we want to play the game as well as giving the game more content value.

wrasslingWrassling will give you the urge to continue playing even after the sumo man throws you out of the ring for the 12th time. Different modes in the game will prolong the time you will spend in the game. Once a mode gets boring, you can always switch to the more challenging one. But, once you get the grip of this game, it will get repetitive and the excitement will soon diminish. So, I hope the devs will add more game modes in the future!

The devs did a good job to give this game; the “retro” style and one hell of a good job when it comes to the gameplay. This is a ridiculous, silly, and hilarious time killer. Wrassling will give you a lot of short bursts of laughter, snorting, and joy.

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  1. Simply because such a sport like wrestling is very interesting when you watch it live, then this game can not fail. It’s so fun to play especially because it has such a basic graphics.

  2. Olumide Babatunde

    lmao. nice game. first i was full with anticipation thinking aw the game is gonna turn out.
    its really nice if it can be shown in 3D with more graphics

  3. This game reminds me of my first video games of the 90s lol I like it because it brings back many fond memories of my childhood, for me it is a great game for fun like in the old days.

  4. It’s like a mix of Minecraft and old games. It has retro look and it is simple and funny to play! It needs a little thinking for a maximum joy! Wrassling is a good game!

  5. Haha…I love this game.Reminds me the first game that I used to play. But still addicted to this. I love this than a 3D game. Almost everything these days are 3D.Atleast this is a change.

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