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5 games in 5 minutes for your iPhone and iPad

5 games to play in 5 minutes on the iPhone – 1st Edition

We’re starting a new column on Pookybox.com called “5 games to play in 5 minutes on the iPhone” where we will be featuring some quick to play games. We’re starting this first edition with some indie games that may not have received the attention they deserved when they were originally released!

Iron Snout – wolf-fighting action hero

Every piggy was Kung Fu fighting. The wolves were scary frightening. Okay, this isn’t how the song goes, but still, it gives you a taste of things to come. What if big scary wolves where coming at your with cleavers and some kind of pogostick machetes? You’d squeal in horror, or you’d stand your ground?

This game is everything you look for in a time-killer; you can pick it up quickly and all you have to do is tap and swipe the screen for your piglet to fight for his life. The actions available are surprisingly -A LOT OF THEM-.

An amazing feature is that you don’t have to rely on your martial arts skills alone; why don’t you pick up that dropped cleaver and toss it to the wolf coming your way?
Iron Snout – wolf-fighting action hero is available for free on the App Store.

Fly Piko

With millions of app in the app store, it’s hard sometimes for indie game developers to get any attention to their games. And this is the story of why I’m doing the review of a game that is slightly over a year old today. I can’t even remember how I discovered it and that should tell you a lot about why indie game developers need to reach out more to reviewing sites to get the word out on their awesome apps!

Fly Piko is a fun vertical adventure where a chubby bird with tiny wings must fly, ever higher to get back to his nest. See, Piko ended up falling off his nest while he was napping and the cute little birdy is eager to get back home. Wouldn’t you, in the same situation?

The beautiful art of Fly Piko is what attracted me first; it’s quite unique compared to a lot of games you see on mobile these days. It almost look hand drawn. All the way. Truly attractive and interesting to play.
Fly Piko is available for free in the App Store.

Knituma – The Crazy Knitting Game

The idea of a Bear wanting to knit was hilarious to me, so I had to play this game. In a slightly similar fashion than Fruit Ninja, balls of yarn will be thrown in the air and you need to link them together.

I love that the scarf the bear is knitting in the corner of the screen changes color based on the color of the ball of yarn you are catching. Various animals will show up to cheer you on. Your efforts will be hindered by yarn’s natural enemy, the playful kitty. You will also need to watch out for sharp objects that will cut the yarn and prevent you from making sweet combos.

The game is a bit heavy in in-app purchases but it’s perfect if you just want to play 5 quick minutes.
Knituma – The Crazy Knitting Game is available for free in the App Store.

Cards and Castles

While Cards and Castles is certainly not the first game to combine a collectible card game and turn-based strategy on a grid, it bring it to the table in a fun humorous way.

The graphics have a little silliness to them that make you want to play for a few minutes everyday, if only to cheer you up. The matches are quickly over with, making this game perfect to be recommended in this column.

Cards and Castles is available for free in the App Store.


Maud was released fairly recently compared to the other games we are listing in this first edition of “5 games to play in 5 minutes on the iPhone”. The brainchild of canadian studio Magic Walnut, it features a cute bunny who has to get up in a lighthouse.

I loved that you both needed to tilt you device to move the bunny in that direction and tap on the screen to make it jump. The game is a fun, if not also hard, vertical adventure. Your quick reflexes and skills will be a matter of survival here.

As you bounce toward the heavens, you will need to use MAUD’s ability to to move and stabilize platforms with her magical powers. It’s all fun and games until the lighthouse starts to collapse and you need to pick up the pace!
Maud is available for free in the App Store.

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