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5 games in 5 minutes for your iPhone and iPad

5 games to play in 5 minutes on the iPhone – 2nd Edition

Today we’ll present you 5 games to play in 5 minutes on your iPhone or iPad with a focus on arcade, fast paced games. Games where getting the elusive highest score means everything. You may only win bragging rights at the end, but it’s so sweet to know you’re better than all your friends at this one game. Go ahead and challenge them!

edges save the ball
Edges – Save The Ball

edges save the ball
This app has a gameplay similar to Flappy Bird , which is to tap to go up a little and avoid obstacles. It is presented in a brand new package however, a minimalistic colorful version.

You also get 2 high scores to worry about, the number of obstacles you avoided, and how many yellow gems you collected along the way.

I wouldn’t say this game is quite as hard, or as rage inducing, as it’s infamous spiritual father was, but still, it’s an excellent app to compete for the highest score with your friends.

Edges – Save The Ball is a free game available on the App Store

bulb blast
Bulb Blast

bulb blast gameplay
The light at the end of the tunnel! Imagine yourself as a jolt of electricity – now surge down the long cord to the unsuspecting light bulb below, unleashing your raw, unfiltered voltage right into it! Well, you know, if you’re into that kind of things.

You’re actually a human with a finger that can tap that lightbulb quick enough to break it! How long will it take you?

What attracted me to this little quick game was the beautiful graphics. I can’t wait to see what this studio will have in store next!

Bulb Blast is available for free in the App Store.



What in the world is Quadrate? You only see a bunch of squares falling down quickly… Well, that’s pretty much the gist of it! However, don’t let it’s minimalistic setting fool you, Quadrate is pretty fun to play when you have a few spare minutes in the day.

You’re the white square and you must avoid being pushed down out of the screen by the heavy little black square falling down all around you. Seem simple enough? Give it a try, it’s harder than you think.

Sometimes colored blocks will appear and you’d be well advice to grab them: they are your trusty power-ups! May be you will start shooting at the pesky black squares to destroy them, may be you will slow them all down… who knows?

Quadrate is a game available on the App Store.



Another fun, minimalistic colorful game, GATE would have us reach the distance by going through as many gates as possible before our unavoidable failure of hitting a wall.

The game starts so painfully slow you’re tempted to hand your iPhone to your grandmother and go : “Here Grandma, here’s a game you will like”. But that is so deceptive. The pace starts picking up very quickly after you pass your 10th gate or so.

What I like in this one is the vibrant colours of the changing background and the satisfying “pling” you hear when you go through each gates.

GATE is a game available on the App Store.

Don’t Drown!

Featuring cute pixel art and matching 8 bit music, Don’t Drown! starts with a shipwrecked character begging for your help.

Okay, at first you may get confused and think the gameplay is exactly like GATE above. But while they are both games where you need to avoid a wall and go through a gate, there are numerous distinction between the two.

Namely in Don’t Drown!, you do not instantaneously die when you miss your gate: rather the game goes on until you drown, so you have a few seconds to react and get out of a sticky, or rather wet, situation. You will also get to gather coins through your adventure, which will enable you to unlock different characters. I am especially fond of the goldfish.

Don’t Drown! is a game available in the AppStore.

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