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Adaline: pizza and cats in the middle of the forest – Review

There aren’t too many games that let you throw cats at your enemies in the App Store and that’s a real shame. But on the other hand, when you do find one, you never want to put it down!

At the beginning of the story, Adaline just got her degree in Political Science, and that’s why she decided to open the Pizza Cat pizzeria in the woods. Unfortunately, some nasty wolves saw her ad and placed an order to be delivered to the castle at the end of the woods. Regretting not bringing a bike with her for faster delivery, Adaline must reach her goal by using lever to free her path and avoid the wolves.

Thankfully she meets a friendly cat along the way to assist her. See, wolves aren’t as smart as cats, so cats are safe among them. She can send the cat to press on the lever if it’s surrounded by wolves and he will emerge scoff free.

The wolves decided to make some new alliance with the foxes. They just want the girl and care not for the pizza. Remember what I said about the wolfies not being the smartest? They often fall into their own traps, leaving Adaline the way clear to continue her quest.


The game is very cute and perky. It’s quite a novel idea that was well executed. You control Adaline through the woods with the use of a virtual D-pad and an action button. The controls are well calibrated and react promptly to your commands.

Some cats will do more than just interact with the levers: some will ever fight on your behalf! So Adaline is a game of stealth wolf evasion, of cat throwing and cunning puzzle solving. And let’s not forget delicious, delicious pizza.

I had quite a nice time playing this game and at it’s low price point, you’d be well advise to invest in it!

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