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Battledots: a minimalistic battlefield – Review

Attack your opponent while defending your base on the battlefield, Battledots couldn’t have a more simple premise! However, don’t let that deter you from jumping on this title, it’s bundles of fun!

Simplistically, your goal is to kill your opponent before he kills you. You do so by attacking him. Each of you has a number of hit points that gets depleted when you are unable to dodge an attack! The minimalist aspect of the game become important as the screen gets busy with all the attacks, from your enemies and your own. The battlefield gets bloody busy so thankfully the minimalist aspect of the graphics helps keeping things tidy.

Battledots - Pookybox

It’s definitely a fast-paced game that doesn’t require too much of a learning curve, but does require 100% of your attention. You constantly have to pay attention to the board because you are playing on many different lines and your enemy will come at you full force.

Where the game shines the most is that your opponent doesn’t have to be the AI all the time. There is a local multiplayer mode as well as cross-platform online multiplayer!

You get a few interesting and different weapons at your fingertips. The first is a trusty saw. Not only it attacks fierce fully, it can also be your best allies in destroying enemy dots headed your way. You then have a small bolt of lightning that travels very quickly to your opponent’s side while doing a fair level of damage. On the defensive side of things, you have access to shields

As it’s common with most games, you’ll unlock more tools as you progress through the levels. It’s bets to keep in mind that your enemy the computer will have access to the same weapons as well!

Seeing as the game is a single dollar, you’d be silly to pass up on that much fun!!

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