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BlastBall MAX: put on your thinking cap – Review

I enjoy a good puzzle along with a hot cup of coffee. I was looking forward trying out this one for a while and I am delighted that I had the chance to do so. Blastball MAX is the child of Monkube, a worldwide team of app developers who put together this great little game.

Right from the start the tutorial tells you about your goal: arranging 5 balls in a row to score. That seems simple enough. Or is it, truly?

On each turn you get to place a ball and move some squares around, in the hope of putting 5 yellow or purple balls in a row. You obviously can’t mix and match the colours, that’d be too easy! You got your yellow balls and your purple balls.

The matching can work horizontally, vertically as well as diagonally, so you’re full of option. However, trying to make a match is far from being easy. And that’s where this game got interesting.

I guess I like being kept on my toes: and having to constantly make 2 moves each turn really makes this game unique.


I mostly appreciated that this game doesn’t feature timer based gameplay. You know what I mean: with those you can only make so many moves every time or have to buy in some 99 cents magical item to keep playing. None of that here: you buy the game, you get to play the game.

The game couldn’t have a cleaner feeling and I like that in a puzzle: nothing frilly to keep my brain distracted from the task at hand.

While I tremendously enjoy puzzle games, I found this one quite difficult. Truth is I’m still in the tutorial! So it could be a good or a bad point, depending on what level you like being challenged! As for me, I found myself quite frustrated with it the first time around, but I keep trying and I’m warming up to it quite fondly.

You may want to give it a try, if only to stay away from the crushing of the candies.

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