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Swap Heroes 2: Back to Swap – review

Swap Heroes is back with a vengeance with this second edition of their title. While not much has changed when it comes to the battle system itself (you still swap your heroes for them to attack!), pretty much everything else has been revamped. Made new and better. Shinier and sexier.

The number one improvement that was added is the removal of the permadeath. How annoying was it to lose all your progress upon meeting an undefeatable foe! Well, no longer, as you now get to keep your progress beyond the grave.

On top of the returning enemies, you will face 20 new adversaries, aided by 8 brand new heroes to choose from. There are also new sights to see with 10 new battle locations to conquer in. Truly well turned out, this improvement.


Another thing I was an immediate fan of was the endless mode. You get to compete for leaderboard high scores and that always awaken the morbidly competitive spirit inside me.

The musical score is dead on: it integrate well into the genre and enlighten perfectly your gaming experience.

Even if it’s not the same genre at all, the game will remind you strongly of the Super Nintendo game Legend of Zelda: a Link to the Past. It’s both the special effects and the graphics: nostalgia inducing.


How does it rank up against it’s predecessor? It’s more polished. It’s well thought out. It’s a real, genuine improvement and deserved to be picked up if you were a fan of the first game. Sure, it’s a premium, but let me tell you, as far as paying for an app, you could do a lot worse.

The quality of the game and the quantity of content, not counting the hours you’ll spend playing it, is well worth the price of a fancy cup of joe. Plus you save yourself from the temptation of in-app purchases and you don’t get pestered by nasty ads. An excellent revamped title at an excellent value!

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