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Blitz Block Robo – a perky action match puzzler

It’s always a treat for me when I have the chance to review a game made in my corner of the world, the cold Canadian North. This title was created in the province of Ontario by Nexus Game Studio. Blitz Block Robo is a perky action match puzzler and even the start menu is fully integral to the gameplay experience you are about to go through!

Bringing us a fresh new take on the typical match-3 puzzle game, this app is simple, yet challenging. You control the game grid by sliding blocks left and right, or up and down. You will then tap a group of same colored blocks (a minimum of 3 of them if you please) to select them, next tap them again to confirm their annihilation.

I enjoyed the fast-pace attitude of the game; if you stall too long the new blocks appearing will overrun your grid board and you will time out. So you can’t just sit back and relax, pondering your next move, you have to be quick!

You will want to match up as many blocks as the same color before destroying them for a maximum score. Once you reach your goal, you enter a bonus mode where all the blocks on the board turn into 2 or 3 different colors and you have to match them up rapidly before the time is up.


The game will also gives you access to some special blocks: one of them will destroy the entire row of blocks, no matter their colors, once matched up with others. Or another one will be matchable with any other block color, etc.

As you can see, with this game you are not limited to collecting only three blocks at a time, nor are you forced to swap with the adjacent block exclusively.

I like to have good music along with my gaming and it’s always welcome when the app itself is proviing it. In the case of Blitz Block Robo the original soundtrack was made by Marius Masalar.

This certainly is a fun, cute and engaging game. Perfect for your iPhone on the go, this app is at a good price also for the genre!

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