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Brain Guzzler: Everlasting BrainGuzzler – Review

Just in time for Halloween, I had the chance to review an interesting take on the timeless classic game of Snake. However this time, we’ll replace the little dots on your screen by a few screaming civilians chased by a conga line of brain-hungry zombies.

You gotta be familiar with the Snake game right? In this version, you need to guzzle down delicious humans and their yummy yummy brains. The more humans you eat up, the longer your conga line gets.

The zombies in this game are moving a bit faster than Hollywood would like you to believe, so stay alert! You need to avoid chowing down on a fellow zombie, because they taste yucky, or hit a wall. Part of the fun of the game is also destroying furniture and various random items hindering the way.


The controls are very easy as you just need to swipe in a direction to head that way. The content of this game is heavy, with the possibility to rampage through 3 towns filled with 10 levels each. You won’t get bored anytime soon.

A fun perk of playing this game is that you can also immortalize yourself as delicious zombie bait by adding your name to the game at http://brainguzzler.com/createCharacter ! You also get to dress up your zombies in the game store with the coins earned with each level completed.

And you should know that I actually do not like zombies. I don’t buy into the hype at all. 0%. But this cute little title got me insanely curious and I had to try it out. Made by an independent games studio based in the centre of Birmingham UK called Flaming Pumpkin Studios, this crazy colorful game will capture your attention for as long as zombies will be popular.

With a pricetag of $1.99 you’d be silly not to line up for this game!

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