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Callys Cave 2 – A Strong Sequel for a good platformer – Review

I’d hate to pass judgement so quickly on this cute little platformer, but Cally and her parents should really consider moving! A cave system linking your backyard so some evil doctor’s lair doesn’t seem to me like the best place to raise a kid.

But enough about my strong beliefs in propice environment for a peaceful familiar life and unto the meat and potatoes of this review!

I’m not good with platformers. I’ve yet to master a strong eye-hand coordination to make me decent at playing them. But even with my own physical limitations, I was able to enjoy this game and admit that it’s a good candidate to the genre.


The virtual controls were well responsive, which is the number one thing you want in a scenario where your parents where kidnapped, once again, by the evil Dr. Hebert. And luckily for Cally, she will get access to a wide array of weapons of all genre to accomplish her task.

The dying is still the most frustrating part of the game. And I died often, often from my own clumsiness I must admit, but also because it’s so easy to be defeated by an enemy: a single contact and POOF, you’re dead. No fancy deathscene, not heartbreaking struggle at the doorstep of death, just a big creepy GAME OVER SCREEN with Dr. Hebert looking at us in all his evil glory.

screen568x568 (1)

I’m not familiar with the prequel so it’s difficult for me to compare, but I understood that the leveling up, RPG-like system of this one is a new feature of the franchise.

For a free game, if you are into platformers, you’d be completely out of your mind not giving Cally’s Caves 2 a try! There is a single in-app purchase of $0,99 that claims the remove the few ads from the game and also give you a slight advantage in your further adventures.

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