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Luminux – To lighten up your day, the match-3 way

Luminux is a frantic puzzler, in a match-3 fashion, that you will have a hard time to put down.

While, as I stated, it’s technically a match-3, its modus operandi is different enough; you will definitely not feel like you’re just playing another Bejeweled clone.

First of all, the game is very colourful and that helps in keeping us engaged. We need to align 3 blocks of the same colors for them to disappear and increase our score. The game is fast-paced because new coloured blocks appears often and, if we aren’t quick enough, may hinder us by being placed exactly where we wanted to go.


What I like about this game is how terribly simple it was: making matches of 3 is at the grasp of a toddler. But despite this simplicity, it managed to keep us engaged with a fitting background music and very colourful pieces. You often feel like blinking your eyes would be at the detriment of your score, so you are 100% focus on the game.

Unlike classic match-3 games where you are limited of permuting 2 pieces among themselves, in this game, you simply slide your piece as far as it can go on the board. If other pieces are blocking the way, well that’s the end of your piece’s travel.

The developers were thoughtful enough to also add a photosensitive mode and a Color Blind mode; I can only imagine how this makes the game accessible to even more players!

While the music is very bouncy and energetic, it’s also repetitive; but I need to clarify that this isn’t a bad trait in a game where you need to be 100% focused on the pieces on the board.

The only negative point I found in Luminux was the lack of a pause button; too often I had an awesome streak ruined by some real-life event that required my immediate attention.

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