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caves n chasms

Caves n’ Chasms: Treasure? Time to dig! – Review

Treasure? Time to dig!

An interesting mixture of a RPG action/adventure game where you need to explore, along with a puzzle aspect.

A mysterious glowing green face appears in the sky as you are minding your own business with your digging equipment. They transport you to a cave where they instruct you to find your way out by digging down. Acting as your tutorial, he will give you instructions to go through this cave.

The art style of the game looks a bit handdrawn, as opposed to pixel art, which makes it looks unique and different. It stands out in a good way in the App Store.

Caves n Chasms

There are 30 levels in the game. As far as control goes, you pretty much tap in the direction you want to go. You can not only dig down but also up if you need too.

The object of each levels is to get the amulets, which activates the portal you need to reach at the end of each levels.

You need to acquire fossils and different resources to upgrade. You will every so often need to drill a stone with an energy logo (a thunderbolt) to recharge your energy.

You can replay the levels to get everything out of them. If you’re a completionist, this is perfect for you.

In each level you have your goal, like finding 2 amulets, along with a bonus goal, such as killing 2 monsters.

It’s a game where you need to plan ahead a lot, as you’re limited on energy, and enemies could be rampant behind those walls. The RPG aspect if the game comes from being able to upgrade your equipment when you get back to your homebase.

The game gives you basic instructions but doesn’t spoon fed all the answers to you, which is something I appreciate. You’re in a cave, you’re going to want to explore a little bit on your own. And it is a good value cause after an hour of non stop game play, I had barely used an iota of the available content.

It’s a very interesting game if the idea of exploring a cave always intrigued you!

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