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the visitor

The Visitor: Point and Click Gorefest – Review

The Visitor is a point and click game following the exploits of a tiny alien creature. It was indeed tiny until you start devouring your puny victims. You will guide this superior alien parasite through its new earthly environment in this interactive horror adventure.

visitorIt starts off with a meteor shooting down into a lake. Then, a tiny little alien emerged from the extraterrestrial rock. After that, you have to try to interact with the surroundings to trigger the right sequence of events in order to progress. The control is very simple. Just a simple tap to interact with your surroundings. You can also do simple gestures to zoom and navigate. Once you get your first kill, it will get really exciting. The alien you control is a vicious creature. It will get inside a cat and the next thing you’ll see is guts and blood everywhere. Every time you consume a living thing, your alien will turn into a more powerful form and bigger than ever.

The looks of this game is very similar to flash games. But, The Visitor is indeed originated from a flash game. The combination of the setting and the music of this game is great for a horror game. The atmosphere is unsettling and eerie. I suggest wearing headphones for maximum effect. Each kill is very satisfying and can be pretty gory. Each transformation after a kill is very satisfying as well. I got a constant impulse to see what form will I transform into next and in what gory way will I kill my next victim. The creative ways of killing and cool transformation made me craving for more.

visitorI spent around 20 minutes to finish the game. The game is kinda short but perfect for those of you who need a quick time killer. This game is not completely linear as it offers you three different endings to discover. All of the three endings can be discovered through the last area, so you won’t need to play from the start and try to find where the story will branch.

The Visitor is a good game with lots of blood and gore. The design and setting is perfect for such horror game. Each kill will amaze you and satisfying unless you don’t consider an exploding cat is a satisfying kill. For those of you who got twisted taste in gaming, jump right into this gore-fest!

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  1. First of all great article, nice review of the game. I am a fan of horror games and this game looks interesting especially because it’s flash-horror game, so that’s a good combination.

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