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FFFF2P (Free Free Free Free Free 2 Play) – Preview

Sometimes having a good presence on Twitter can bring perks in your life. So thanks to a promo code from the developer, Elevate Entertainment, I had the chance to preview FFFF2P (Free Free Free Free Free 2 Play) on IOS about a week before it officially came out. I sure am pretty excited to tell you all about it as I have a strong intuition you would enjoy playing it at least as much as I had.

First thing first, let’s review the basis of the game. FFFF2P is a retro-looking game where a classic story unfolds: a princess is being held captive by an evil character and, without any doubt, it’s up to us to rescue her and restore order to the world.


To save the princess, we will have to run and jump to close the ads the evil ogre is throwing your way. Closing ads? Why yes. Free Free Free Free Free 2 Play is so tongue-in-cheek about the whole phenomenon of pop-ups, free to play games and in app purchases that it’s taking meta to a whole new level of meta.

When it comes to the controls, they were very easy to master. We simply have to move and jump left or right as the evil ogre, up on his cloud, attempts to smash us with his ad blocks. It does get challenging very quick and I found myself trying not to blink too much to follow the action.

So as the blocks of ads are being thrown at us, we need to jump on them to destroy them and get some coins. Because you see, as the blocks pile up on the screen, we will need to buy candy in the store in order to jump higher and faster. And truly, what better way to spend coins then on candy?

Of course, if we collect 1,000,000,000 coins, we’ll be able to simply buy your success in freeing the princess! The same achievement is available for $2.99 of real currency, but I wasn’t open minded enough to try and see if that was true or just a joke.


The game features bright colours and enticing music that will get you in the mood to jump and smash the block of ads. After all, don’t we have a beautiful princess to rescue?

Free Free Free Free Free 2 Play is definitely not a game that’s taking itself seriously and you’ll do well to indulge in an hour or two of mindless fun as soon as it comes out on July 10th.

And as a bonus you can listen to the soundtrack, for free, at http://abysmal.bandcamp.com/album/fffff2p-ost

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  1. Vijaya Saminathan

    its a thrilling game.i like it very much and also i am very much involved to play this game.thank you so much

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