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Monument Valley – review of a puzzle

In a world filled with impossible objects, where we can imagine Oscar Reutersvärd and Roger Penrose having tea, we guide the little feet of Ida, the silent princess.

We are absolutely overwhelmed by the beauty of the shapes and sounds of this game. The simple complexity of the world discovered in Monument Valley, the land of crazy geometric shapes, is amazing. Our gray matter gets challenged with unusual scenarios where one must often walk on walls, if not downright backwards. Because perception is king in this small puzzle game, from one corner to the other, our moves are possible or restricted, in a plausible way, although realistically impossible.

Despite the small screen of the iPhone versus the variety of elements on the screen, it is very easy to direct the movement of little Ida. In her conical hat, she hides a geometric shape that seeks its rightful place in each level. She meets friends and foes throughout her adventures; which reminds me a particularly poignant scene where a totem, faithful, follow Ida to the wide sea only to disappear in the water. In regard to enemies, nothing fatal, but the raven people block out very easy roads, so it pushes us to think outside the box for a solution to our travels.


The beginning of each new challenge starts with the discrete sound of a gong. Despite the complexity of the proposed level, you do not feel frustration but a deep sense of wonder instead. This is the most relaxing way to make ones brain work hard.

The music of the game is the most beautiful complement. The sounds linked to moving stairs, the rotation of a wall or climbing a tower fit all so well with the background music that it feels as if the soundtrack had simply provided magically a matching note.

The beauty of the images is such that an option is available in the same game itself to take screenshots and share them on social networks.


Really, the only downside to this game is the loading screen: it is quiet, too quiet, and dark. Unfortunately often too long also. The price, currently $3.99, could also startle many for a game that has only 10 levels and ends in a couple of hours.

Check out Monument Valley on the App Store!

This review was originally published in French on http://estugame.com/threes/

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