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Juggle Buddies: Hopping Bubbles – Review

Half-toy, half-game, Juggle Buddies wants us to keep all our balls in the air.

With its very colourful graphics and perky protagonists, curiosity quickly arises about this game. But what is the world of the Juggle Buddies, and what do we do in it? Thankfully, Cat Buddy is more than happy to show you how to navigate in the engaging world of the Buddies and provides you with a tutorial. Speaking of the Juggle Buddies, there are five of them: Weeba the Blue one, Waabo in Red, Waamwam the big Orange, Woobu the Pink one, and Wiiwii in White. And they seemed to have decided on day to go out in the woods and play.


Your goal is essentially to keep those perky Buddies up in the air as long as possible, with the help of your bubble gun. No need to aim expertly, simply tap on the screen to shoot your bubbles. Needless to explain that the longer the Buddies stay in the air thanks to your blown bubbles, the more coins you collect. And with those coins, you’ll be able to buy elements to assist the buddies even higher in the air, be they as crazy as a bomb or a missile!

But that’s not all. You will also be able to buy hats for your Buddies! Don’t dismiss it, crazy acts have been done in the past just to be able to done a new hat.


After a couple of sessions of gameplay, it appeared obvious that Juggle Buddies is the type of game that a younger child would be happy to enjoy for hours. While it sadly doesn’t hold the same appeal to an older crowd, you can still find some entertainment in this game. I didn’t faced much challenge in the early levels. Still, the game is appealing visually and is worthy of our attention.

Are you completely out of the game’s demographics? I would keep it on my phone in case I had a child to quickly entertain.

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  1. The gameplay is okayish and pretty childish. Its simple but can be quite interesting. Suitable if you have a younger siblings, they will enjoy it.

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