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The Way Home: A fast-paced time travel adventure – Review

As a disclaimer, I should mention I wasn’t expecting much from that game. I had never heard of it and the artwork on their logo reminded me of Minecraft. So I was completely clueless as to what the game was about, or what the gameplay would look like.

Boy, was I pleasantly surprised; The Way Home is a fast-paced time travel game where your protagonist needs to ensure the happiness of all the persons on the level before moving successfully to the next time period. Rinse, repeat until he get home.


If we had to take a quick look at the game play itself, I would say that your character, Will, moves rapidly from left to right, back and forth. When he bumps into something, it could be for better or for worse. Your role is to avoid obstacles and aim for useful object by making the protagonist move up and down in the level. Thankfully, to assist you in your quest, the controls are flawlessly responsive. Split seconds are often required to avoid an obstacle and this application has that nailed down 100%.

To get a high score, you want to both avoid collision and aim for the collection of blue pills as much as possible.


The game is surprisingly story rich and inspired by the tv show Quantum Leap. It’s entertaining to incarnate Einstein one level and a pregnant teenager the next; you never know what will be thrown your way. And a game of the genre tends to be short, yet this one offers you 40 levels until you reach your time and end your adventure.

While the game itself is free, is does offer in-app purchases, in the form of additional lives (remember a collision with an obstacle ends your life quickly!) or infinite lives for a one time fee of $2.99.

I’m still torn about this game. While the story is intriguing, the game play can be seen as a bit repetitive and lacking innovation in the end. On the other hand, sometimes all you want is good competition and a high place on the leaderboard. So for this one, I’ll let you be the final judge!

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