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LighEaters scary iphone game

LightEaters: Are you afraid of the dark? – Review

Are you afraid of the dark? You should be! LightEaters is cute, yet incredibly scary. They play greatly with our childhood fear of the dark and the monsters that lurks in the murk.

You get to move your character, who is comically just eyes and feet holding a flashlight, by swiping in the direction you want to go. You will need to interact with switches, doors, ladders, keys and collect items along the way like toys, mice in holes and friendly bats may show you the way.

The scary LightEaters will consume your battery power. On the other hand, being left in the dark consume your mental health, called nerves in the game. You will need to double tap to turn off your flashlight so the LightEaters don’t drain your battery. But, oh boy, is it every petrifying being alone in the dark with them.

You hear the heartbeat of anxiety of your character when you turn off the light. You feel his despair, you almost hold your breath as you tip-toe around the scary LightEaters. You can die of anguish of being left in the dark too long.You faint, you pass out and the level is over.

LightEaters scary iphone game

The music and sound effects are making a great job to create a frightening atmosphere. I had the hairs on my arms stand up straight sometimes. This game is cute and naive looking but it can be downright scary! The lighteaters are really the stuff of nightmares.

To defeat the LightEaters you will be able to use powers up. Once a power up is used, it will be unavailable for a few moments as it recharges.

You have the opportunity to earn up to 3 stars per level. One for completing the level and getting through the exit, the 2nd one for doing it within the time limit and the 3rd one for finding the hidden mouse.

You earn cola currency very easily, even if at the beginning of the game you have no idea what to do with it. As you play, you will also unlock apparels to wear, both by playing new levels or with the cola currency. Maybe you’d like a funky hats, some fancy boots, hideous glasses or a new flashlight altogether! But to be honest, I didn’t feel these added much to the gameplay at all as they were purely cosmetic and don’t help your stats.

You upgrade your character by unlocking and applying badges. Your first badge will be the badger badge and it will add more life expectancy to your avatar.

It’s a high quality production, even if I found a couple of typos in the game text here and there.
There are 12 chapters that you have access to to start with. You will get to unlock 25 more by paying 99 cents. It seemed weird to me that a premium game has unlockable content you need to pay for after only 12 chapters. However, you can also complete the previous chapters with a minimum of 25 stars in total to unlock the additional chapters.

To sum it up, if you’re up for the task, LightEaters is a fun game, challenging enough to be interesting while light hearted enough to be played casually. The price point may be a bit high for a game of the genre but it might be right up your alley.

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  1. Light Eaters is really a interesting game to me. I think it is one of most interesting game in the world. It has also many interesting sounds that make me very surprised. I hope all the people love it very much.

  2. I am very grateful to have this game.it’s really interesting.it’s feature is so good and the graphices is also good.so i really love it and also my friend.

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