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5 games in 5 minutes for the iPhone – 4th Edition

It’s #throwbackthursday y’all! In this 4th edition of “5 games in 5 minutes”, we will explore some interesting games that came out back in 2015 around the same time. Fun little games that you may have missed but that you should totally add on your iPhone to play when you have a quick 5 minutes to waste.

Bounce Baby
Bounce Baby is a fun little game that requires the player to skillfully maneuver through a world filled with obstacles in order to get the egg in the hole. You start with a limited amount of swipes in order to get to your goal. Each time you swipe the egg in a direction, you lose a swipe but i you bounce on a block, you gain an extra swipe. The number of swipes left are shown on the egg. The gameplay is trickier than it looks but it’s very entertaining to try and control the power of our swipes to get the fragile egg to it’s hole.

Bunny goes boom!
In the fast-paced Bunny Goes Boom!, you need to touch the sides of your screen to control a little bunny strapped on a firework. Try and fly up high while avoiding rows of ducks, airplanes wings, bunnies with balloons, hawks with hunger for bunnies and cloud sharks with jetpacks. It’s truly a quick fun little game that is none the less difficult to master. This one will keep you much more entertained than the extinct Flappy Bird.

Fluff Eaters
in Fluff Eaters, you have to help Bouncy the purple cat in his adventures against a bunch of Fluffs! Make the cat jump on a diverse type of elements, have fun touching those evil Fluffs and making them disappear. Timing is everything as you need to be quick and nimble to catch those pesky Fluffs! The game is perky and cute and with over 90 levels, should keep you occupied for a while.

Makibot Forest Journey
Makibot is a fun game that features a high-tech steampunk robot that journeys through one of the strangest and most dangerous world you may have ever seen. The amazingly cool steampunk background, fantastic scenery, and superb physics engine have all been brilliantly designed into a game that will challenge and delight you immensely.

Wedding Escape
Some people fear being left at the altar. in Wedding Escape, it’s about the opposite, wanting to escape your own wedding! Match as many coins and diamonds as possible to escape to the next level and unlock power-ups along your journey. Start at the altar and runs away all the way to Mexico and may be even beyond! To make matches, instead of swapping tiles, you simply need to tap them to turn them into a different color. I clocked many hours on this game and I’m sure you will too.

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Cokamouse started reviewing iOS games, back in Spring 2014 and hasn't stopped ever since! Lover of cherry flavoured lemonade, soft nougat, warm fluffy slippers & reviewing games for the iPhone, of course!

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