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Memory Quest Dungeon Adventure

Memory Quest: Dungeon Adventure – Review

You have to remember the memory game from your childhood, right? A bunch of cards, facing down. You get to turn 2 at a time and make matches. Memory Quest: Dungeon Adventure is a game strongly borrowing from this timeless concept. However, it’s also a dungeon adventure where you have to battle foes, mine for gems and find the lever to open the door to get to the next level.

And fans of Legend of Zelda rejoice: you can play as a girl here! 😉

You will quickly find out that some creatures can be defeated with an arrow, such as the flying bat. Others, like the wolf, can be vanquished with a trusty swing of the sword. When you first discover a creature, it doesn’t harm you, since it’s in a sleeping state. However, should you flip its card again, they will attack you, so be cautious..

This game is very reminiscent of Dungelot, so fan of that one will be happy. I’ll admit I almost prefer Memory Quest: Dungeon Adventure because the added difficulty of memorizing the cards locations is an challenging layer.

When you encounter a chest, you will feel eager to find its matching key to open it. Who knows what it may contain? Some extra rupees to spend at the store or a magnifying glass to find out what is behind a card without flipping it.

memory quest dungeon adventure

You get to collect gems along the way by mining them with the pickax. Sometimes you will find a finish rod and a little pond in which you can uncover interesting artifacts to aid you along in your adventures.

You will want to take your time and finish each room before going through the door to continue your adventures as completing the entire board rewards us with bonus experience points. It will take you longer to level up if you are too much of an eager beaver.

While you do have item slots, you are limited to 3 of them. It can limit you seriously in the game so I’d be wary of what to keep with me if I were you.

The leveling up system is quite easy: you click on your character when she has a yellow exclamation mark next to her portrait and you choose which aspect you want to increase.

I found this game to be quite cute and engaging. The music had to the dungeon atmosphere and you can take your time to think about your next move.

Overall, I think this is a charming title to add to your iPhone game collection.

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  1. I always love to play memory games. It helps me to keep my memory sharp. Memory Quest: Dungeon Adventure is in the top of my favorite memory game list. Its leveling up system is quite easy.

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