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Mirror Dash iPhone game

Mirror Dash: A fun trip around the world – Review

Mirror Dash is an energetic platformer where you have to pay attention to not only one, but actually two worlds at once! This mirrored odyssey will have you either jump over obstacles or teleport in the underworld in order to avoid them.

There are really two controls here: you either tap to jump or swipe down to go to the underworld. The game auto scroll, which is why you have to think and react quickly.

The visual style of this game is quite unique in a way; it’s both minimalistic, yet very detailed. You are definitely immerse in the corner of the world you visit. You start your fast-paced adventures in Egypt. In order to unlock other worlds you need to collect certain items that appear on your path. I’ll admit I didn’t notice this aspect of the game at first and had to redo the first level to go back and collect the Egyptians Cats in order to unlock the Japan level.

Mirror Dash Game iPhone

The game is very challenging, and I’m ashamed to admit I’m terribly bad at it. It’s incredibly fast-paced. At the beginning I thought I would only have to worry about blocks the same size as my character and jumping over some nasty looking spikes in order to survive. I quickly realized that you will eventually have to ride and go through much bigger structures in order to make it out alive.

A very interesting feature of Mirror Dash is that you get to see your stats. So you will know how many attempts you’ve made at the level, what percentage of it you completed, as well as how many jumps and teleports you’ve used. For the morbidly competitive among you, this will be a great feature to use.

If you are in for a fast-paced arcade game, Mirror Dash is just what you need: try to keep up!

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  1. Wow! This Mirror Dash game is really amazing! I play this game everyday and this game is interesting for me. All oof my friends also play this game. Anybody can easily play this and enjoy it. Thank you.

  2. I like this concept of the game. It is really interesting entertainment, it is very simple and great fun, challenging but enjoyable!

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