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mobius final fantasy

Mobius Final Fantasy: complex free to play RPG – Review

Mobius Final Fantasy finds players as an empty vessel, a Blank, thrown into the decaying world of Palamecia. With amnesia a stray Moogle, an invisible fairy, and a mysterious voice in the sky known as Vox lead you along. The story is strung along through cutscenes every few missions and dialogue thrown in-between, fleshing out your reason for your summoning as well as why the world is in danger. It’s not as thorough as a main FF game, but it’s actually pretty substantial for a free to play adventure.

mobius final fantasyActually despite Square Enix’s exorbitant prices for their iOS ports of classics like Final Fantasy VII and Secret of Mana, most of their actual F2P games are pretty beefy. Graphically it looks on par with something similar to Final Fantasy XIII if not downgraded just a tad. Its not like this is the first powerhouse App presented on phones, but it’s still remarkable to me.

The gameplay of Mobius Final Fantasy is similar to the other two F2P Final Fantasy games, Record Keeper and Brave Exvius, in that you select a level and precede through a line of battles, usually around 3 in a row. You can attack directly with a quick tap, or delegate commands to an auto battle system. Monsters have a health and break meter. If the latter bar breaks, they become more vulnerable. The best way to institute a break is through combinations of normal attacks and specials.

mobius final fantasyThese Secondary abilities can be used once enough elemental orbs are in your position, based on your mode of attack. For example, if you stand with an Earth aura, you’re more likely to accrue Earth orbs to then use that element’s skills. If it sounds too complicated auto battle is an excellent way to watch how to game the system thanks to the excellent A.I.

Your character is armed with a job, weapon, and a card deck. Players begin as an Onion Knight, but unlock a Mage and Thief type after the tutorial. The cards affect your level, each of which is acquitted to an element and job class as well. You can level up the cards through experience or card fusion. The higher your deck, the better you become. Cards, weapons, and other items can be purchased with real money, or in game currency.

Mobius Final Fantasy is a complex free to play game with enough there to satisfy your needs without sinking any money in. It looks great, the action is addictive, and there’s a lot here to dive into. The monsters are lacking in variety and there are a few other small abnormalities, but this a fantastic spinoff to the series, well, for a mobile game.

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