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Monsu: Run Monsu, Run! – Review

Monsu is a green monster taking us on an endless runner, side scrolling adventure coupled with a card collecting aspect.

Nasty humans stole Monsu‘s treasure, which prompted him to go on a run. You get to collect pieces of your treasure on the way, by jumping or just running through them. You get to run through buildings and defeat your enemies by jumping on them also.

You start each level with a special mission, be it to kill a certain number of enemies, or smash through 2 houses. When Monsu hits a wall, so to speak, there is an hilarious death scene where you essentially become a flattened version of your Monsu mid-run.

This game has good responsive controls, even if sometimes I feel the problem is me: having the motor skills of a drunk toddler.

I can’t describe this game genre accurately I am afraid, it’s half runner, half card collecting. Each aspects are integral part of the whole experience.


The various cards you equipped will aid you along your quest. You can upgrade any cards up to level 5. You get to carry up to 3 cards at a time. I was lucky to get a hornet that attacks buildings and enemies for me, as well as a fine mount in the form of a tiny dinosaur to assist me in my venture. Instead of just watching an animation of your cards being displayed for you when you get them, you get to tap the rockplate card until it shows you what your card is. Certainly a very colorful and perky looking game. Quite engaging and fast-paced. I was hooked after less than 5 minutes, this game is just plain fun.

The game created a matching ambiance with its soundtrack. The jazzy music is very good, my roommate was dancing next to me while I was playing, asking me what I was listening to.

Overall, this game might just be your cup of tea!

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  1. Pretty awesome game, nice graphics. Will definitely keep you busy!

  2. I have enjoyed playing this game on my commute to work in the morning. The graphics are really cool and it’s fun to play.

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