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Dropu: Tetris and Sudoku – Review

We all remember the popular japanese crossword like game sudoku. Now what if the numbers where falling from the sky, tetris-like? This is the premise of the game Dropu that game out this summer in the App Store.

To make it easier on the smaller screen of our phones, this game uses only 5 numbers. They also each have a different colour for easier identification. It’s tricky to make rows, or columns, of 5 different numbers. Thankfully they don’t have to be incremental, that would have been madness! Yes the game will give you a bonus if you do manage that feat.


Faithful to Tetris, your successful lines will disappear, leaving you with more space to continue on your journey. Vertical lines also score higher than horizontal ones, mainly due to the fact that if you are unlucky enough to run out of space vertically, you’re done!

You have the choice between a classic (endless) mode or a time trial. It’s a game that demands both skill and concentration if we want to reach high scores. It’s definitely addictive and I wasted many hours trying to get an higher score.

The music is a nice addition to the overall experience. For a free game, you could do a lot worse!

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