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Pahelika: Revelations HD: A Search and Find Hidden Object Adventure – Review

Are you into adventure games? I have a confession to make, they are among my favourite type of entertainment. Looking for hours for the solution to a puzzle, opening an old desk with a rusty key I found, or using all my gray matter to understand the next steps in my endeavour, that’s the height of good gaming for me.

What we have here is a very good game in the genre, Pahelika: Revelations HD. This one begins with our main character, Sudesh having nightmares about a scary-looking book. He will have to sniff around his grandparents’ storage room among old broken down furniture, barrels and crates, in order to get to the bottom of things.


Only after playing it was I made aware this is actually a sequel to Pahelika: Secret Legends. Although this is the second installment of the serie, the storyline of this one is a great stand alone and unique; at no point I felt I was missing from a backstory.

An amazing positive point to this application is that the loading screens aren’t making you wait too long, which is almost unheard of in a game of this genre. It helps stay immersed in the mysterious atmospheric ambiance. The background music is very quiet and is well fitted to the gameplay.

An important, if negative, point to note is that there are a lot of dark rooms and the game itself isn’t very colourful. On the tiny screen of the iPhone is makes it hard to see, or tap on the right item. I would recommend you play on an iPad to get the full experience, but it was still an enjoyable game to play.


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