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So Many Monsters – Monsters need love too! – Preview

I had the chance to preview a very cute game, coming out on July 22nd, over the week end. A title from KillSmile Studios, So Many Monsters was born from a game jam like so many indie games have. They however decided to run with the beautiful graphics and fun gameplay, and turn it into a full-blown app on IOS!

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What you need to do here is take into account that you are dealing with 2 kind of monsters. And monsters get lonely; you need to pair them up! You will have a nice scenery scrolling in front of you and you have to select the type of monster that will match the monsters you see on the screen. Some monsters and cute and cuddly, while the other kind is, if not looking just as adorable, more tough.

Don’t let the adorable cuddly monsters fool you however, while the game is easy to pick up, it’s insanely hard to master. I was tremendously disappointed in myself after my first performance only got me a score of 4. But this was far from a deterrent, and I just wanted to keep playing. And playing. And playing.


What I loved the most about the game is how fast paced it is. You get completely into the moment and it’s almost a frenzy to match those cute little monsters. Sure, the game play is simple and could easily get annoying repetitive, but the level of difficulty makes it enjoyable enough that you’ll want to keep playing too.

The background music accompanying the game is very upbeat and perky, it matches it’s gameplay perfectly. It helps creating this frenetic ambiance that you need to keep a fast pace gameplay.

For a free game of such a high production quality, you’d be silly not to pick it up when it gets released!

So Many Monsters is available in the App Store!

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