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Rocket Roy: flying to the moon – Review

Straight out of a Tim Burtonesque world comes Roy. Roy loves his girlfriend Jezebel. The tiny problem comes in the form of distance, she lives on the other side of their planet.

Looking at the moon every night, he dreams to be with her. And what easier way to reach his beloved than to build a rocket to reach her?

Rocket Roy is not by any stretch of the imagination a fast-paced adventure. The game has soothing music, beautiful visual and quite a unique ambiance.

The controls weren’t too hard to figure out in this app. You simply need to touch the screen to fire up your booster and you will need to tilt the screen left or right to steer in that direction.


As if this all wasn’t complicated enough to master, you will also need to make a nice landing on the receiving platform. Otherwise you may crash horribly in front of your girlfriend and that would just be plain embarrassing, wouldn’t it?

I wasn’t faring very well at this game and I thought my efforts would be rewarded when I safely landed at Jezebel’s house. But alas, I still had to take her back to my own dwelling!

The game is beautiful and I enjoyed playing it (even if I wasn’t very good at tilting the rocket correctly in the sky!). However, I need to admit this app is much more suited to the iPad than to the tiny screen of the iPhone. The controls would surely be easier to maneuver and I was sad to realize some text was completely unintelligible due to the minuscule size of my iPhone’s screen.

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  1. Rocket boy is really cool game.Awesome graphics as well.

  2. Really liked the Tim Burton art style and the controls are very satisfying once you get the hang of them.

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