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Ace Ferrara and the Dino Menace: dinosaurs in space! – Review

If we don’t focus on the part that I’m BEYOND late jumping on the bandwagon for this app, OMG what an insane game!

Reminiscent of 80s and 90s cartoon, it is completely over the top in the most hilarious of fashion.

How could I convey it to you better than by explaining that the great evil villain of this game is a talking cat controlling his dinosaur minions, IN SPACE?

You will embody the rookie Ace Ferrara, who happens to be a new intern with the Proton Riders, the very famous defenders of the galaxy. Each time you go out for a mission, you will be briefed on what you need to do, so you will not feel too abandoned in the vastness of space.

One thing about the missions is that they will be short. They are also quite easy to clear with very simple controls to master. When it comes to them, we can only move from side to side in our spaceship; there’s no up and down axis, which could somewhat dampens the experience. Not for me though; I suck at spatial coordination so this just made the game on level with my (inexistant) skills.


I’d say the most interesting feature of the game isn’t the gameplay itself, but rather the numerous little skits of Ace discovering more about his new colleagues.

You have a wide range of friends and foes with interesting backgrounds, quirks and interactions among each others. The cutscenes will make you learn more about them. Think of this game as an interactive comic book and you won’t be too far off.

This is a light-hearted and funny game. It’s not taking itself seriously for a minute, and neither should you.

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