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Sature: a colorful board game – Review

Have you ever, as a kid, or maybe as a late blooming artist, mixed colors together to see what creations you could make? Imagine a game based on that concept. To call is a puzzle isn’t very accurate, as Sature is a board game of color where your goal is to darken and dull out your enemy’s colors.

Think of it as a colorful rock/paper/scissor game played on a chessboard: you have some colors that affects the others more than some. Your hexagonal pieces will have some random arrows on them: that’s the direction of the attack. If your opponent has an arrow pointing toward your arrow as well, you will both affect each others.

But which one would prevail? It’s all about the hue wheel. Since it’s not for granted you will know which color is better to use against your foe, you have access to the hue cheat sheet at any time by swiping down on the board.


And who wins? Whoever has the brightest colors up on the board at the end! A meter at the bottom of the screen keeps you informed after each move of who is the color master. You can then share your victory (or defeat?!) with the social media of your choice as a screenshot of the end board will be made available.

And they even have a colorblind mode, so really anyone could play this game!

What I enjoyed is that the music is really on point: soothing, calm. It’s perfect to sit there quietly pondering on your next move. I would admit I was expecting brighter colors, as the winner is whoever has the brightest ones once all the pieces are played. The game is a bit on the dark side.

The game is free to play, with the option to pay $2,99 to unlock all the features. If your purse is tight, you can still enjoy this app without too much constraint. Sature is a very interesting board game for the iPhone that I enjoyed playing a lot.

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