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100 Spots: a one level brain teaser – Review

A single level puzzle? That doesn’t sound even remotely challenging for my brain. But of course there’s gotta be a catch somewhere. And there definitely is.

100 spots has a simple premise when you think about it. Even the devs admitted it was based off a childhood paper and pencil game they used to play. They would fill a 10×10 grid with numbers from 1 to 100. The only rules, same as we have here, they needed to start somewhere random and then skip 2 cases horizontally or vertically, or skip one case diagonally. The goal is to fill up the 100 spots. What an interesting new puzzle idea.

But then again, it’s definitely easier said than done! I gave it my best and my top score was 81, which means I was still 19 spots short of 100.

100 Spots is a colourful game, each dot you create on the grid will be a different colour, making for a beautiful perky gameplay. I fell in love with it’s soothing music. I was playing at night and it truly was almost like a lullaby.

Even if there is a timer to see how long it took you to reach your high score, the game doesn’t put any sense of urgency on you. I much rather take my sweet time to fill up as many of the 100 Spots as possible instead of rushing to an early demise.


Since the game only has a single level, I was afraid it wouldn’t have much replay value. But since you start from a random spot each time (if you play it right!), you technically have hundred of thousands of different paths to take to reach your goal.

What the game was lacking was a social sharing feature; I am confident my friends would be delighted of my brags about my high scores! Joking asides, it would be a nice thing to implement in the future.

Halfway through the game I realized it would be easier with a stylus to tap on the very tiny spots with more precision. Sometimes you have to tap way more than once for the app to register your move and that takes away precious seconds; but more importantly it’s annoying.

Overall, 100 Spots is a fun, relaxing puzzle game when you want to sit down and think for a minute or two.

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