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sleep attack tower defense

Sleep Attack Tower Defense: Turning the tables on your enemies – Review

A purple monster plays videogames and gorges himself on pizza, popcorn and various other junk food. He then falls asleeps. And this is where you come into play!

You must protect him from the tiny enemy coming from the dreamlands to attack him. The monster will be in the middle and you will need to protect him from the hordes of villains coming his way.

Tower defense games rarely tend to be innovative. And why should they? There is a path from the “entrance” all to way to the goal and you need to build some towers along the way to shoot or slow down your foes.

Sometimes those paths will be all twisty and curvy and have multiple entrances points. Doesn’t it sucks so bad when your towers are all lined up perfectly and suddenly enemies are entering from the wrong side of the board, negating all your carefully planned defense? But you see, in this game, this is where the good twist on the tower defense genre comes: you get to rotate the board!

sleep attack tower defense iphone

The game constantly keeps you on your toes: the enemies are numerous and can come from all sides of the board.

I’m disappointed to admit that the game is ill-fitted to the iPhone: the details get lost because they are minuscule on the screen. Took me a while to realize enemies can drop coin I needed to pick up. For that reason I found the game much more suited to the bigger screen of the iPad.

But despite the fact I was trying to enjoy this game on my tiny iPhone 5S, I could appreciate that the controls where very precise and obey me at the quarter of a turn.

sleep attack tower defense iphone

The game itself is beautiful: the cartoony appearance and the colourful environment makes me want to play for hours.

Even if it’s price point made me cringe a bit, I must admit it was a fun, albeit difficult at time, game to play. If your have a bigger Apple device, you may want to partake in the fun yourself!

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