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Noodles!: connect all the tiles in this puzzle – Review

I’m always happy to promote local talents, especially when indeed, talent there is. From the fun studios of Lummoxlabs.com located in the Grand Toronto Area comes this brainteaser of a puzzle called Noodles!

Noodles! is a very fun puzzle where you need to make sure all the tiles are connected. The concept is not quite unlike pipedreams, except this time you don’t get to move the tiles, you can only rotate them in their own spot.

You will be plunged into the first level without instructions or tutorial, however the graphics and general setting of the game will make quite clear what you need to achieve. Matching all the tiles to create a single connected network is what your goal is. The introduction round will make your quickly go through all the type of puzzles in all of their sizes, so you get a real feeling of the whole experience this game has to offer.

noodles gameplay iphone game

I found that this game is graphically smooth, minimalistic in its approach but with a good execution. Strangely at first, you notice how quiet the game is; no sound or music is heard unless you rotate a tile. While it’s a bit unusual, you quickly realize that it’s a good idea in the end: it allows you to focus on the puzzle without much distraction.

And I’ll give a major brownie point to the developer to allow us to go straight to the various levels of difficulty without having to complete all the easy ones first!

This game features plenty of challenge in a very friendly package and will really give your brain muscles a workout.

This premium game features no ads so you can concentrate 100% on the smooth gameplay. Either to kill a few minutes waiting in line or wasting hours away with challenging levels, you will not get tired of this game. Its low price point is quite a perk too and I’m very happy to recommend this fun puzzle game to you!

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