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Splot: won’t someone think of the chickens?! – Review

A spaceship crashing unto a strange planet is never a dull affair. Even less so when a bunch of Hungry Blobs are salivating at the idea of eating their native population, the adorable Birdlings. It’s up to you as Splot, the blue alien, to face the hunger of the Blobs and rescue the cute chicks through this very attractive performer.

With great controls easy to maneuver, even children would be able to do well with this one. There are no virtual buttons to mind, it’s a very intuitive gameplay where you simply need to slide and hop along the path in front of you, while avoiding dangers. You tap in the direction you wanna go, or slide down against walls.

You have up to 3 levels of difficulty: bronze, silver or gold, so you will find quickly the one that suit your tastes and skill level.

Followed by an hungry looking King Blob, it’s a race to the end of the level, as quickly as you can bring Splot there with as much Birdlings you can rescue. You will thankfully pick up some power-ups along the way to help you through your adventures. Also, by collection vault pieces you will be able to unlock up to 150 different Splots.


My roommate was looking at me funny because I was giggling and sometimes yelling “Nooo don’t eat my chickens!” while playing this game. Because you see, Splot it’s just plain darn fun! What else can I say, I was smitten.

It’s a game that is very perky, terribly attractive and with colourful characters. The music is well suited to the fast-paced action going on. I would find it hard to get tired of this cute and adorable game.

Frozenbyte, the geniuses, behind the excellent PC platformers Trine and Trine 2, have spend 7 years perfecting Splot for you and I highly recommend you pick up this excellent mobile game today.

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