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Black Tower Enigma; an orc’s plight – Review

It’s not everyday you feel empathy for an orc. They’re odd looking, clumsy and well, green! But when a dress, gifted by a mysterious fairy, suddenly takes off to the skies with the wife of this orc named Wigo, you can’t help but to sympathize with the poor fellow.

So off to the tallest building known in the area, the mysterious Black Tower, where each level hides a puzzle to solve. Half adventure game, half escape the room, you will need to examine carefully your surroundings to solve the riddles to allow you up one more level in the black tower.


The puzzles offered vary in difficulty; from the need to pay attention to the passage of a certain book, to a physical puzzle to solve. It can be a bit frustrating sometimes to play without any hint system, but thankfully you often come to the conclusion on your own.

The game will be visually very pleasing to retro fan and the sound effects are quite reminiscent of old 8-bit games. Furthermore, the background music is soothing an helps to focus on the puzzling adventure we are facing.

The virtual buttons of the controls are very responsive. It’s more or less noteworthy since this isn’t a platformer where a micro-second delay can be disastrous, yet I like accurate control in my games and this one did splendidly.

There seems be a rich and interesting background story in this universe and you get to discover it bit by bit by reading the book passages you will find along the way.


I enjoyed this title because the tiny pixel art was very well done and the puzzle greatly varied in difficulty or in nature. While at this time, I didn’t reach the top of the tower, I am looking forward to reunite this orc with his wife and get the proverbial happy ending.

We often see some very undeserving title in the AppStore at that price, so this interesting game is definitely a good value. You ought to pick it up, if only to see how far you will go in the Black Tower Enigma.

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