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Switch&Drop – a colourful Tetris-like – Review

Imagine a world where you always get the long bar while playing tetris. Okay this game actually isn’t THAT easy, there’s a catch obviously. The catch is that each square of that long bar are a different colour, and you need to make matches of 3 for them to disappear.

I was quickly intrigued when I learned about Switch&Drop and I had to try it out. And as cliché as it sounds, it’s a game that is easy to pick-up but hard to master. I’ve yet to truly understand the algorithm behind what happens after I make a successful match: some blocks fall down, in a direction or another, and I don’t understand why or how. It makes it hard to plan your move accordingly.

Thankfully I’ve been pretty lucky and managed to reach the wished 3-stars on each levels so far.

As you progress through your various levels, the big picture is literally revealed to you. You get to watch your progress come to life as you complete a pixel picture in the level select map, which is something interesting to have in a game of the genre.


You will quickly realize that there’s more than just matching 3 blocks together to this game. You will be able to create special blocks, namely a bomb block by matching a 2×2 cube of a single color. The bomb when activated will destroy everything in a 3×3 radius, which can be tremendously helpful to get your errors out of the way.

While the game itself is free, you can remove the ads with an in-game purchase. I didn’t find the ads particularly intrusive, which was very welcome.

I found the music in the menu and mini-map quite soothing. I would often play at night and I would often just close my eyes for a minute to listen to it and relax. The music played during the actual gameplay is more on point and focused; which is just as well cause you need to keep your braincells sharp!

So while truly the ressemblance with Tetris is that they are both block falling game, this one couldn’t be more different. Do pick it up and let me know if it got you busy for a while!

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Cokamouse started reviewing iOS games, back in Spring 2014 and hasn't stopped ever since! Lover of cherry flavoured lemonade, soft nougat, warm fluffy slippers & reviewing games for the iPhone, of course!

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  1. This was a terific review of this awesome game. I enjoy playing it and I found your review to be spot-on. In particular, you nailed the Tetris-comparison… Great job!

  2. This is the modern day tetris. I think its an instant classic 8/10. This game should be added to the xbox marketplace.

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