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Mouse Bounce: hop for that cheese! – Review

I wasn’t expecting an heartbreaking story at the beginning, at all! You learn that a hard working mouse finds one day that the cheese mine closed and is forced to become a criminal in order to feed his family.

One thing from the get-go I couldn’t help but be annoyed by is that this game lacks a tutorial, and crucially. You are left with a mouse that bounces on it’s spring shaped tail and obviously wants something from you, but you aren’t quite sure what it is.

Well, it turns out that you will control our criminal rodent by tilting your device left or right; he will be able to access platform and climb ever higher to grab pieces of cheese along the way. You must tap the screen twice to make the small, inaccessible platforms, jump from the back to the foreground.

Once you figured this one out, you can focus on eluding the cat police and try and get a high score!


I absolutely loved the art style of Mouse Bounce, and the special sound effects were quite on point all the way through the gameplay. The only downside is that the brown building in the background kinda blend in with the similarly coloured platforms and can make it hard to see where you are going. The game is slightly customizable also. With cheese pieces, you can access the wardrobe and buy a new look for your mouse.

What I thought was impressive is that Mouse Bounce was developed by 2 people 10,000 miles apart; one of them in the U.K. and the other in the land down under, Australia. They kept a very detailed blog of their experience at http://cattrapstudios.com if you feel like perusing it.

You can also share your score on Twitter or Facebook to bring out the competitive edge in your friends.

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  1. I love this game. It seems really cheesy (pun intended) at first but you really get into getting as high a score as possible. Even a mouse has to eat.

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