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The Quest Keeper on iPhone

The Quest Keeper: a Crossy Road dungeon – Review

You must have heard of Crossy Road. That insanely popular game that game out at the end of last year? The Frogger remix? Yes? Good. Well if you also like dungeon crawler type of games, and are a fan of Crossy Road as I mentioned, you will fall in love with The Quest Keeper.

The Quest Keeper is an awesome iPhone game designed by Tyson Ibele that was released at the very end of March and has since clocked over a million downloads. It’s a game that has quite an humoristic appeal and I can see why so many people fell in love with it. It starts with your character hearing a voice that prompt you to follow it through an easy dungeon to finally reach a mysterious wizard.

Once you reach the wizard, you will have access to chests to purchase equipment as well as the quests scroll. You get to select your quest, and then off to your adventure you go.

You will control your character, just like in Crossy Road, by swiping in the direction you want him to go. And he will obey you blindly, even if it means falling to its death, walking into a wall or thankfully interacting with a chest full of loot. Since he will walk without stopping in the direction you indicated him, you will need to micro-manage his movements non-stop, and in a rather quick fashion, to keep him our of harm’s way.

Lighting your way with your torch, you must avoid spikes, crumbling rock tiles and falling wood tiles to reach your goal. Coffers along the way will reveal their treasure to you, making you rich. If you fall to your death, you will have the option to buy, with gold coins, a way back into your dungeon. And depending how far you made it before dying, you may open the mystery chest and get a lot of gold coins.

The Quest Keeper Trick Tip

A little tip that I can give you which made the game so much more easier for me is that you can change the camera angle! Simply tap the little gray box under the pause button (top right corner). You’ll thank me.

I really liked the voxel look of this iPhone game. I know Crossy Road popularized the genre a lot, but The Quest Keeper makes it their own in some ways. The dungeon is randomly generated so you never go through the same adventure twice.

You will have the option to disable ads for $2 or buy 500 coins in game for $1. For a free game it’s a ridiculous good deal.

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