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magic rampage

Magic Rampage: Action RPG Hack and Slash Party – Review

Some games just come out straight from the left field in terms of quality and entertainment value. Magic Rampage certainly fits the bill if you’re nostalgic for some action RPG straight from the 90’s with updated and modern gameplay mechanics.

Magic Rampage is a platformer for your iPhone that will combine the action RPG genre along with an hack-n-slash feel. The game starts with a small intro: a mighty Warlock takes over a castle and destroy the people guarding it. A mysterious figure then orders your character to infiltrate and investigate this strange phenomenon.

The game will feature a lot of character customization as well as dozens of weapons to choose from, be it throwing knives or a magical staff. Each dungeon you will go through will introduce you to some new obstacles, barriers and hurdles, as well as enemies.

magic rampage action rpg hack and slash

You will have quite a diverse amount of creatures to defeat, each with their own behaviors and skills. Head shots are an achievement and that’s certainly a fun feature!

Without spoiling the game for you, I can tell you that there are some well thought out secret areas and designs that you will look forward to.

The visuals of this game, graphic wise, are simply sublime. And that’s not putting asides the perfect soundtrack and the sound effects that just heighten the experience. Furthermore, let me tell you that the controls are stupidly responsive: it’s borderline mind reading when it’s at this level. A big plus for this app, that’s for sure!

And the fun never stops, as you can revisit previous completed level, to access loot you may have left behind. A good example in this is you will eventually be able to get a suit that will make you jump higher, thus being able to access previously out of reach area. So never give up if you see some fancy treasure too far to get to!

You will find that gold is earned at a very good pace by playing the game, so while there is the option to buy more with your, real life, hard earned money, you may not feel the need to do that. And even so, the in app purchases are minimal and very reasonable since the game features no ads or timers.

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